Hello. I am Dr. Garrett Smith.
I am Medical Oncology Specialist
in San Francisco, California.

I believe that the combination of evidence-based western medicine with complementary modalities provides the optimal experience during a cancer journey. At SIO I rarely embrace or advocate alternative medicine as an exclusive form of cancer treatment. Instead, I have built a team of outstanding cancer specialists to care for patients during traditional treatments.

As a board-certified medical oncologist, I have worked with cancer patients for 20 years. I continue to learn the benefits of complementary modalities to manage symptoms and understand that complex treatments in oncology require a diverse approach and a multi-disciplinary team.

I use the best treatments available and provide the most attentive care. At SIO, the experience is unique in every step of the journey. I meet with every patient at every visit to direct all facets of integrative care and chemotherapy treatments.

Personalized cancer care is my focus.

Dr. Garret Smith