Heidi, San Francisco CA


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In July of 2012, at the age of 43, I had my annual mammogram. A week later, I had a core needle biopsy to rule out breast cancer. No family history, no symptoms and I considered myself a healthy person. How could this be happening?

On August 3, 2012, I was diagnosed with estrogen receptor positive DCIS. From the moment I dropped off my medical records and met Annie, to the call from Savannah that Dr. Smith had an opening for me, I knew I was in the right place. Garrett’s approach of healing the mind, body and spirit is truly unique in the oncology field, and he has assembled the best team to do it. Garret is super smart, with the biggest heart. Jelly for lab work, Natalie for nutrition, Lisa for bodywork and Deb for acupuncture have all enriched my treatment and provided unbelievable support.

My story is full of oxymorons, not the least of which is I genuinely look forward to coming to Garrett’s office.