At Smith Integrative Oncology, we believe that treating cancer and treating the person is inseparable.  We combine traditional chemotherapy treatment along with complimentary healing treatments such as nutrition counseling, massage therapy, acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  While a majority of our practice is dedicated to breast cancer, we also specialize in treating many other forms of cancer.

Everyone at our office works closely together—and they work very closely with every patient as well.  We recognize that the same type of cancer does not behave the same in each patient, and each patient reacts differently to chemotherapy.  That’s why we take a very individualized approach with our patients.  Patients receive ample one-on-one time with Dr. Smith to discuss treatments, address concerns and ask questions.  Throughout treatment, patients can work with our nutritionist, massage therapist, acupuncturist and exercise specialist to help address their individual issues.  Our goal is to treat cancer and to promote full body wellness.

We realize the circumstances that bring a patient to our office are the result of a very unsettling cancer diagnosis, and it is why we strive to provide a healing and caring environment for you.  At our office, you will be known by name and you will see the same people each time you are here.  You will not need to re-explain your cancer or issues to a different oncologist, nurse or other practitioner. You will know us and we will know you.

Our complimentary practitioners warmly welcome patients under any physician’s care.