Dr. Smith realizes that chemotherapy is not something patients ever get used to, nor want to, so each visit is treated like your first visit at Smith Integrative Oncology.  Dr. Smith will be by your side at the start of every chemotherapy treatment, ensuring you access to your oncologist at each visit and the comforting reliability of talking to the same person who understands your history, your fears and your concerns. Not seeing your oncologist at each chemotherapy treatment or seeing a different nurse each time, while standard practice, is not the practice here.
Dr. Smith will be by your side at the start of every chemotherapy treatment.
Knowing that chemotherapy can leave you feeling at your weakest, most vulnerable and most tired—Dr. Smith understands there is value and meaning in seeing a familiar face, one that you have entrusted with the most essential and absolute level of care. As a medical oncologist, Dr. Smith also realizes that each breast cancer or other cancer diagnosis must be looked at as individually as the patient.  While breast cancer may be broadly categorized into a number of different subtypes, even those breast cancers with the same subtypes may not behave the same and each patient reacts differently to their cancer and chemotherapy treatments.  Dr. Smith goes to great lengths to ensure chemotherapy treatments target the behavior of each patient’s cancer as well as address the overall health and strength of each patient.