Clinical evidence has shown that regular exercise speeds recovery for cancer survivors, promotes treatment effectiveness and can significantly deter recurrence rates.
Regular exercise can increase energy, improve sleep patterns, reduce your risk of recurrence and can generally help you feel happy.
The list of body-mind benefits of exercise during and after cancer treatment is long. Here are a few: increased energy level and decreased cancer-treatment related fatigue; decreased depression and anxiety; improved sleep patterns; gains in muscular strength, balance, aerobic fitness and flexibility; increased bone health and improved or maintained weight, body mass index, body composition and muscle mass. I enjoy working with patients of all ages and all levels of fitness, whether you are in treatment or have completed treatment. During our initial 60-minute consultation, we will talk about about your specific needs, abilities and interests, so that I may design an individual exercise program just for you. We will have a 30-minute follow up appointment, either in person, by phone or by Skype, at which time you will receive a written set of exercise recommendations, along with a demonstration and helpful tips and strategies for success. If appropriate, I will offer referrals to group exercise and yoga classes that are tailored to people living with cancer. I am here to support your wellness and am happy to offer encouragement throughout your program.