I was born in Texas. I graduated from Stanford University, Baylor College of Medicine, and the University of California, San Francisco. I became a board certified medical oncologist in 1995.  My background and training could not have been more traditional. How I got from there, to the place I am now, has been a remarkable path.
What would happen if we put medical oncology and integrative therapies under the same roof?
I initially thought cancer research would be my career, and for several years I enthusiastically enrolled many patients on clinical trials of cutting edge cancer treatments.  It did not take very long to love the people more than the science.  Cancer patients are a remarkable, courageous lot,  the experience of cancer is transformative, and to be a partner in that intense journey is indeed an honor. When I started my own private practice in 1998, I gravitated towards a dynamic population of progressive patients who were driven to do everything they could to fight cancer.  Perhaps we found each other. I can recall vividly their typical attack calendar which always included a trip to the acupuncturist, a nutrition class at the hospital, and multiple sessions with mediation, yoga, and a fitness trainer.  It became a full-time endeavor.  “How can I fit it all in one week?” ”How do we know these people are any good?” The challenge was daunting, and a solution seemed imperative. SIO evolved from that challenge, and it is still evolving, so that during conventional treatment, patients can now receive acupuncture, enjoy a massage, consult with a cancer nutritionist, and receive emotional and spiritual support.  At the same time, on the same day under the same roof.  Most importantly the individual members of the team are always on the same page.